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We are still in a state of amazement after watching Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary Special earlier in this week, but we couldn’t help notice that James Maslow was missing! Though he wasn’t on the episode, the 24-year-old entertainer recently spoke exclusively to JJJ about his time on the show and what he was excited about for the 10th anniversary show. “I’m looking forward to seeing some performances from the old celeb contestants!” James shared about the episode.

JJJ: What were some of your favorite moments on the show?
The freestyle was pretty awesome. It was probably the dance I was most comfortable with since it was the only one remotely similar to the kind of dance I had done before. Plus, we won it so that was pretty cool.

JJJ: Can you pick your favorite dance? Why that one?
The modern dance to Frozen we got all 10s for was sick. It was fun to use some physicality and throw Peta around.

JJJ: What has the show meant to you?
It was a really cool opportunity to meet and work with a whole world of professionals I may have otherwise never even met. I think it made me a better performer overall. Even though I doubt I ever do a rumba walk again.

JJJ: Looking back, what made you want to join in the first place?
Honestly, it just seemed fun. I spoke with a couple of my friends who had previously done the show, like Joey Fatone and Victor Ortiz and everyone said the exact same thing. It’s a lot of work but a hell of a lot of fun. It was also a nice change of pace from filming and tour.

JJJ: What’s one thing that you would want to say to your partner now?
Good luck finding a better partner! Just kidding. But seriously…

JJJ: If you could do it all again, would you?
I’m glad I did the show, but I’d like the next time I go on DWTS to be to perform my own music.

JJJ: Are you watching the show now? Who are you rooting for?
I haven’t kept up with every episode but of course I always cheer on Peta. Since she’s out now, my votes go to Whitney. Sorry guys!

JJJ: What was the biggest hurdle for you to get over during your time on the show?
Rumba walk and “floaty” hands. Neither are natural to the human body.


It has been over a year since the guys of Big Time Rush have performed together and almost two years since 24/Seven was released, so can you blame us for missing them? While the boys haven’t done anything together in quite some time, they’ve been pretty busy individually. Kendall Schmidt released new music. Carlos PenaVega got married. Logan Henderson has been enjoying some down time. And James Maslow jumped deep into the acting world.
And speaking of James, we recently chatted with the 24-year-old singer/actor about his upcoming film, The Seeds of Yesterday, new BTR music (!!!), his connection to 50 Shades of Grey and tons more! Rushers, you’re not gonna want to miss this:

Teen: The Seeds of Yesterday trailer was pretty insane — What drew you to the film?
James Maslow:
“People have seen me do a lot of one thing, which is James Diamond from Big Time Rush And as fun as that absolutely was, it’s not who I am and all that I am capable of. So I jumped at the opportunity to play a role that’s probably as 180 degrees away from James Diamond as you can get. Bart is a very complex character and it’s more character work than any other role I’ve ever played. I am proud of it. It was exciting to go that deep into a character and I am really, really hoping people can see that.”

T: What do you think people will be most shocked about?
“You know, people know me as being a pretty nice guy, and I’d liked to say that in life [I’m] pretty upbeat. The large-scale roles that people have seen me in are pretty happy. Bart is not necessarily a very happy person. He can be very mean and manipulative and there are definitely some scenes where people will definitely be shocked. But, remember it’s acting! (laughs) And kind of the point. At the end of the movie, he’s not a bad guy. He’s just very, very tortured. As intelligent as he is, he was just lead out of that path. So, I think that will be the biggest shock for people — playing a character that is not the most likable person.”

T: Let’s talk about the Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired teaser that came out. You obviously didn’t know that it’s going to get cut together like that, but when you were filming those scenes, was it awkward?
“Yeah, there were definitely some awkward moments, but you’re acting and everyone on set is very professional. We actually filmed quite a bit that didn’t make the movie. The director was very avid about making it as realistic as possible. So, for example, several of the sex scenes are obviously going to be cut down because it’s TV and we are not showing Fifty Shades of Grey. But in many ways we still have that movie; It exists somewhere. So, I’m not surprised they cut the trailer down as much as they did. That’s promotion; It’s not reflective of the entirety of the film. A lot of the scenes were cut back from how they were filmed.”

T: Did you actually see Fifty Shades?
“No I haven’t, actually.”

T: Let’s talk about your upcoming thriller, Wild for the Night. It’s so exciting to see you branching out in roles like that. How was filming that?
“Well, strangely enough, it was more in my personal comfort zone than you might think. I always joked that if I ever played myself it would be so different from James Diamond that people would think I was acting. Obviously Wyatt in Wild for the Night is not me. He’s very dark, but different. He’s much more introverted and manipulative in his own way, but he puts on a show, which is interesting. Wyatt has an emotional past because he was an alcoholic and used to do drugs and that back story is nothing like anything I played before. It was a ton of fun, and Benny Boom, who directed it, wanted to make it as realistic as possible. So that was exciting. Quite frankly, that was one of the most fun roles I’ve played to date. It’s an action movie, so I got to get into some fights. Thomas [Flanagan] beats the crap out of me. It was exciting. I am very excited for people to see both. And they are so different that people might find themselves shocked again by the differences between Wyatt and Bart.”

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Last weekend’s If There Be Thorns, fans of Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews film adaptations got their first look at Bart Winslow — a sallow, worried boy whose sibling jealousies got a serious boost from his grandma Corrine and her creepy butler who moved in next door to Bart’s mom, Cathy, and her husband, Chris. Who are also brother and sister. Bart’s real dad is Grandma Corrine’s late husband and … well, you can see why the youngest of Cathy’s surviving sons might have a couple screws loose here and there. Which, says former Big Time Rush star James Maslow, who plays him in Sunday night’s Seeds of Yesterday, is what makes the now-grown Bart so much fun to play. “He basically was raised by a pretty evil person who blamed all of these almost sadistic beliefs on his version of a Bible, on Malcolm’s journal,” says Maslow. “Bart grows up and graduates from a wonderful college and inherits all this money. He’s articulate and he’s obviously smart, so it’s strange that somebody at that level of intelligence can actually believe something so seemingly crazy — but that’s the scariest part. He genuinely does believe until the very end of the movie when he realizes that, ‘Wow, maybe this hasn’t been the right approach.’”

If your TV carried just three shows or networks, what would they be?
One of my favorites is House of Cards. It’s such a well-done series — so intriguing and captivating from beginning to end. Homeland also. I gravitate toward shows like that. I’m a big Family Guy fan. I could watch that for a lifetime.

What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry?
My refrigerator and my pantry are the quintessential bachelor assortment of things, so there’s usually eggs. I can eat eggs breakfast lunch and dinner. I’m a big fan of tequila so I feel like if I’m going to have only a three things in there, tequila is a good choice. It works well for me. And I love steaks — if I had steaks always supplied in my fridge, I’d be psyched. I feel like I could actually do that as a full-time diet!

Tell us about your strangest fan encounter.
I’ve had some interesting ones. I mean, being on tour on the music side of my life, you get some interesting and dedicated fans to say the least. Once, I had a group of girls ride in the elevator — how they got a keycard, I’m just not sure — for six hours. I was going to the gym or something and the door opens to screams. It was just photographs and selfies and calling their friends, and it didn’t get me upset. Strange way to meet people, but you know what? Good on them. They put in some work!

You act and sing professionally, but reveal to us your hidden talent.
Ooh, that’s an interesting one! I’m good at accents. I haven’t had too many opportunities to do them, but it would be fun to do a voice-over or play a character that is a different ethnicity or something extreme. I grew up with my friends and my brother and my sister just doing accents and being other people and geeking out!

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From clean cut Nickelodeon teen sensation to sinister star of Lifetime’s series “Seeds of Yesterday,” James Maslow certainly has range. He joined us in the FOX411 studio to chat about what it takes to work as a leading man in Hollywood.

FOX411: Your role as Bart in “Seeds of Yesterday” has certainly removed you from your “Big Time Rush” persona. Has there been any backlash from your fans?
James Maslow:
I’ve seen a couple tweets where fans are concerned that I’m not playing the happy-go-lucky character they might be used to, but I’ve actually seen an overwhelming amount of support that people were excited I was doing something so different, and they were excited to see me play a character that is a 180 degrees away from what I’ve done before. And frankly that’s every actor’s dream. No actor wants to play the same thing over and over.

FOX411: Many times female Disney and Nickelodeon stars will go super sexy to depart from their good gal image. Is it the same for guys?
See, my good girl persona was already relatively sexy, so I didn’t need to do the bikini-clad, lingerie shoots. Maybe next film. It’s important to stretch yourself and to play different characters and I know that Lifetime has that clip with my shirt off, and you know that’s fun, that great. It makes sense to a point because this was kind of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” of 20 years ago but it’s not the entirety of the movie. It’s definitely not why I chose this role.

FOX411: A quick Google search of your name reveals an entire newsfeed about your abs. Are you tired of being objectified, or do you dig it?
: Here’s the thing, I’m a healthy person in general, but it’s been a conscious choice to be in even better shape because I want to be able to continue to play a leading man, from young leading man, to the next ten, twenty years and I think being in shape is a very important part of that. Yeah, from the aesthetic approach, but I want to be able to do my own stunts and do the action fights, and all of that, so it’s really necessary for my job.

FOX411: You also have an album coming out?
I’m very excited. I’ve been in the studio just about every day writing when I’m not filming something, and it’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to say the EP is really starting to take shape. No official dates, but I would like to I’ll be releasing solo music sometime around the summer.


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