WhoSay: James Maslow Makes Fan’s Dreams Come True

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If you’re not a fan of James Maslow already, here’s little story that should win you over. A few weeks ago, Hannah, a lovely fan from Ohio, asked James to her prom. He couldn’t make it, so instead he made another dream come true. We gave him a call to get you all the exclusive details, but here’s how the story starts—Hannah’s touching prom proposal:

Unfortunately, his killer moves on “Dancing with the Stars” kept him from attending the prom (you know he would if he could!). To make it up to her, James flew Hannah and her family out to L.A., took them to Disneyland, and gave them VIP tickets to see him perform live on “Dancing with the Stars.” On Friday, Hannah’s school played this video to let her know:

WhoSay: How did you hear about the proposal?
James Maslow:
I had seen the proposal on Twitter; it started out with a couple of fans and then a lot of fans—I felt bad because I did not know what to do, since I knew I couldn’t make it, but then I came up with this and hopefully it’s even better.

WhoSay: What made you say yes to this video?
I was touched by how supportive her schoolmates friends and family are – I wanted to show your dreams really can come true. Since it got so much support from the community, it seems like we should do all we can to let great things happen for good people. I’m excited to be able to be a part of this for Hannah and her family.

WhoSay: Did you go to your own prom?
I did. I was lucky enough to go all four years; I was invited as a freshman and sophomore and then got to go as an upperclassman. I had a great time at all of them.

WhoSay: What’s your favorite thing to do at Disneyland?
Space Mountain, and we definitely went on that.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 4 Captures & Stills Added

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237 high quality screen captures along with 7 HQ episodic stills of James & Cheryl doing the Tango for Week 4 of Dancing With The Stars have been added to the gallery. Be sure to head over and check them out! Thanks to Deanna at Big Time Rush Online for the stills.

Gallery Links:
- Dancing With The Stars > Screen Captures > Week 4 – The Tango
- Dancing With The Stars > Episodic Stills > Week 4 – The Tango

Dancing With The Stars: James & Cheryl dance the Tango

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Source: dancingwts09 @ Youtube

James’ DWTS Blog: Those Persistent Dating Rumors & Being Paired with Cheryl Burke

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Switching Partners
When I found out I was dancing with Cheryl, I was surprised. I honestly thought that they were going to switch Cody and I, so I was pleasantly surprised. Witney is great, but Cheryl has been here since the second season, so as good of a choreographer and dancer as Witney is, Cheryl really has a bit of a leg up.

The rehearsal dynamic was very different between us. I had hung out with Cheryl once or twice outside of work with the cast and she’s very sarcastic, so when our dry, sarcastic humors mixed, we didn’t know when we were joking or not, which made it somewhat awkward. But once we found out both of us are joking most of the time, we really had a lot of fun.

I’m happy with last night’s performance. At first it was hard to tell whether it was going to be as good as something I could do with Peta because I’m very comfortable dancing with her and I’m still really happy she’s my partner. I was pleasantly surprised that Cheryl and I were able to have such great chemistry and such an awesome dance. I’ve seen mostly positive comments and feedback. A few people are upset at her for trying to kiss me, but that was planned. I think we got a little closer than we’ve gotten in rehearsal, but we’re dancing the tango and it should be that shocking.

I thought Peta and Charlie had a killer dance. In fact, I thought they deserved better critiques and scores than they got, but they’re both amazing dancers. I’m sure Charlie can pick up choreography faster than I can because he does that for a living on the ice, but to see them dance together was really impressive.

The Judges’ Feedback
I’m about a foot taller than Cheryl and we have to be low for the tango, so it was difficult to stay that low and not keep my butt out. I think it was funny how the judges went about critiquing it, and I think somewhat complimentary. Considering there are so many technical aspects they could pick out, I was happy with them just going with that one. It’s hard. I’m used to playing sports, I’m used to being in the gym and doing squats, and you use your butt and stick it out. But dancing is the opposite and that’s something that would be difficult even if she was my height, but it was extra difficult because she was shorter.

During the judges’ critiques, I think Julianne Hough had a more creative and less blunt approach to saying ‘you and Peta are cute together and could be an item.’ I thought Erin Andrews was a little straightforward and–although I like her a lot as a friend and part of her ability to be a great host is her quirkiness–I did think talking about a baby with both of us when we’re not officially going out was somewhat presumptuous. Maybe not called for on the spot, but like I said, everybody’s doing it live, so I’m not too upset, but it would have been nice to have been prepped for that.

You can read the rest of James’ blog over on Parade.com!

James reveals Dancing With the Stars secrets on Veria Living Live

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James stops by Good Day L.A.

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Gallery Link:
- 04.08.14 – James stops by Good Day L.A.

Glamour: On a Date With James Maslow

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James and I met up in his neck of the woods (that would be Venice, a laid-back beach town near Los Angeles) at trendy hot spot Gjelina. We’ve had a chance to get to know each other these past few weeks at DWTS, so sitting down for lunch felt like meeting up with an old friend. Coming from a photo shoot earlier that morning, James arrived promptly at 1 P.M. and declared right off the bat that if this was a real date, he would absolutely be paying (and asking me lots of questions too!). What transpired over the next two hours was one of the most fun dates I’ve ever been on (real or not), and that’s all in part to the charisma and maturity of James, who is far beyond his 23 years.

Glamour: Thanks for joining me on our very first “On a Date With…” series!
I’m so thrilled to be asked! Thank you for having me.
Glamour: I have to say, I can’t believe that you’re 23. You have a maturity that extends well beyond that.
Yeah, Peta [Murgatroyd] was even shocked. I’ve been living on my own since I was 17, and I’ve always had big dreams since I was little. Even when I was in school, if I wanted something done right, I had to do it myself. I have big responsibilities now. I own real estate, I just finished my first feature, I have a business manager, and we meet monthly about my portfolio. But I need to enjoy being young too. I’m finding a nice balance.

Glamour: I have to ask that all-important question: What’s your current relationship status?
I’m dating, but I’m so busy that it’s hard to find a lot of time for it. So I’m single. I think there’s a difference between dating and being in a relationship with someone. You can date a lot until you find the person you want to create a relationship with, but it needs to be a clear distinction. So at this point, I’m just dating.

Glamour: How much do you use your dog, Fox, as a girl magnet?
My dog is the greatest girl magnet you could possibly imagine; it’s silly. Sometimes I almost would rather they not meet my dog because they just want to play with him. He’s an Alaskan Klee Kai, and he’s about 2 1/2. I can’t blame anybody because he’s the cutest dog in the world—and I love him to death—but I want to make sure someone wants to be with me too. [Laughs]

Glamour: So what do you look for?
I want someone who challenges me. I’ve dated younger girls or even girls close to my age, and it’s really easy for them to agree with everything I say. That’s not necessarily because of what I do, or maybe that’s part of it. I want a girl that is driven and has her own thing going on, but that can make it all the more difficult because then we’re both so busy. As for a physical type, I like all women. [Laughs] I’ve gone for blonds in the past, but then I’ll meet a brunette who knocks me off my feet.

Glamour: Like me!
[Laughs] Speaking of which, this date is going great!

Glamour: But you do have to have that physical chemistry.
That’s so important. Anybody who thinks that sex isn’t one of the most important things in a relationship is insanely wrong. Once you have that requirement, it’s all about personality. It’s easy to find an attractive girl in L.A. It’s not easy to find an attractive girl who you enjoy spending all your time with.

You can read more about Glamour’s date with James by clicking HERE.

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