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From clean cut Nickelodeon teen sensation to sinister star of Lifetime’s series “Seeds of Yesterday,” James Maslow certainly has range. He joined us in the FOX411 studio to chat about what it takes to work as a leading man in Hollywood.

FOX411: Your role as Bart in “Seeds of Yesterday” has certainly removed you from your “Big Time Rush” persona. Has there been any backlash from your fans?
James Maslow:
I’ve seen a couple tweets where fans are concerned that I’m not playing the happy-go-lucky character they might be used to, but I’ve actually seen an overwhelming amount of support that people were excited I was doing something so different, and they were excited to see me play a character that is a 180 degrees away from what I’ve done before. And frankly that’s every actor’s dream. No actor wants to play the same thing over and over.

FOX411: Many times female Disney and Nickelodeon stars will go super sexy to depart from their good gal image. Is it the same for guys?
See, my good girl persona was already relatively sexy, so I didn’t need to do the bikini-clad, lingerie shoots. Maybe next film. It’s important to stretch yourself and to play different characters and I know that Lifetime has that clip with my shirt off, and you know that’s fun, that great. It makes sense to a point because this was kind of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” of 20 years ago but it’s not the entirety of the movie. It’s definitely not why I chose this role.

FOX411: A quick Google search of your name reveals an entire newsfeed about your abs. Are you tired of being objectified, or do you dig it?
: Here’s the thing, I’m a healthy person in general, but it’s been a conscious choice to be in even better shape because I want to be able to continue to play a leading man, from young leading man, to the next ten, twenty years and I think being in shape is a very important part of that. Yeah, from the aesthetic approach, but I want to be able to do my own stunts and do the action fights, and all of that, so it’s really necessary for my job.

FOX411: You also have an album coming out?
I’m very excited. I’ve been in the studio just about every day writing when I’m not filming something, and it’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to say the EP is really starting to take shape. No official dates, but I would like to I’ll be releasing solo music sometime around the summer.


This Sunday, Lifetime is airing the final installment of the Dollanganger series, Seeds of Yesterday, which tells the ongoing story of incest and betrayal that has long cursed one family. The new film stars Nickelodeon’s James Maslow as Bart, a man who becomes tortured by the truth of his own existence and exacts revenge on his family. It’s the most adult role yet for the 24-year-old actor who has spent the past five years growing up on the kids’ network. With his abs front and center, Maslow is looking ahead at what’s next — including new music, which he hopes to release sometime this spring — as he explores life beyond Nickelodeon. Ahead of Seeds of Yesterday’s debut, Maslow chats on the phone with ETonline about those Lifetime teasers and his actual carb consumption.

ETonline: Let’s start with your abs. They are getting a lot of attention on the Internet thanks to Lifetime’s very choice teaser.
James Maslow:
Yes, they definitely utilized that as a way to exploit it because it’s not the most important part of the movie… Not to disappoint anybody, it’s not just an hour and a half of nudity.

So Bart is a pretty awful guy. Can you even name all the terrible things he does in this film?
It would be hard to, especially because the movie, in particular, is not very specific as to whether he did or didn’t do a couple of things. In Bart’s defense, it’s difficult to play a character and just say, ‘My character’s a bad guy.’ That would be weird, because no bad guy ever thinks he’s a bad guy. No evil person ever thinks what they’re doing is evil. Ultimately, they think what they’re doing for the world, or the family, or whatever the situation is, good. That’s very much so for Bart. He was raised to believe in ideology that was skewed and, in many ways, wrong or extremist. And it takes him until the end of the entire series to really figure that out. Ultimately, he realizes he’s not a bad guy, but just grew up with terrible circumstances.

It sounds like he’s really lost in all the ideology about what is right and what is wrong.
He’s absolutely lost. He felt like he had no parents to raise him once he found out that his father and mother were brother and sister. That was enough for him to disown his father figure, Chris. That’s why he turns to his grandfather, Malcolm Foxworth, who died years past. So he’s basically been raised by a journal filled with skewed ideology.

Funnily enough, Bart’s one of the only characters that does not technically commit incest.
He’s so against incest and wrongdoings, ironically, because he all these temper tantrums himself. But yes, he doesn’t sleep with any family blood relatives. [Laughs] …So Bart, that’s one thing you did well.

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“Big Time Rush” fans are about to see a whole new side of James Maslow this Sunday as he takes on the lead role of Bart Foxworth in Lifetime’s “Seeds of Yesterday.” According to Maslow, the final installment of V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers in the Attic” saga is going to be a doozy. “There’s a lot of incest that goes on,” Maslow told TheWrap in a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars.” “But if you read the novels… it’s for a reason, given the terrible circumstances that these characters were put in when they were younger, they were trapped and locked in an attic together, brother and sister, and it grows from there to be more obscure and more ridiculous and more incestuous.”

The movie centers on Cathy’s two adult sons, Bart (Maslow) and Jory (Anthony Konechny), half-brothers with little in common and lots of dark family secrets. Maslow, who starred in Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush” from 2009 to 2013, said this was one of his toughest roles. “This movie, and this role in particular, took the most character preparation of anything I’ve done before,” Maslow said. “It was largely in respect to the people who are fans of the novels. So, I started with reading them and then going to the films in Lifetime’s adaptations of the ones they had shot, seeing those movies and reading the scripts… But I did my best to wrap my head around all the different characters.”


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