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The final 4 finalists from this season of Dancing With the Stars stopped by Good Morning America this morning, James was looking very handsome as always dancing with the equally lovely Peta Murgatroyd. You can check out photos from this morning in the gallery and you can also check out video of the interview below!

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05.21.14 – Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Finalists Visit Good Morning America

Performing the tango and freestyle
This week was pretty stressful, I’m not going to lie. It was hard to not only do two dances, but two dances with the level of technicality and difficulty we put into them. They were two of my favorite performances throughout the entire season. I think the tango was one of the strongest ballroom dances I did all season and the freestyle was insane. I landed every crazy trick that I wanted to attempt and was nervous about attempting. We envisioned this huge, gigantic, crazy performance and we did it, so I’m incredibly proud.

At the end of the day, whether I went home weeks ago, last night, or even if it was today, as long as I was proud of the performances I did I think that’s the most important thing. Nobody’s going to remember the scores, yes, they might remember the mirror ball win, but aside from that, they’re going to remember the best, most memorable dances. So I wanted the freestyle to do something different, something nobody had ever done before on the show, and I think we did that.

Saying Goodbye
I’m still dancing tonight, so it’s a much better feeling to go last night [than earlier in the season], I’m still a part of it and doing everything with the final four. It’s a good place to be, having said that though, I was a little surprised that we didn’t move on to the top three. But you know what? I’m ok with it. I’m competitive, so of course I’m a little let down—I would have liked the opportunity to continue to compete today and really have a chance for that mirror ball. The way I look at it, I would have rather liked to win or go out exactly as I did: on top with people still rooting for me. Things happen for a reason.

I think that it’s going to be close [between the final three]. It’s proof, with me leaving that it’s not necessarily going to be about the best dancer or the best performances as much as a combination of that and who the people at home are rooting for and pulling for. It’s hard to say who’s going to win at this point. I’m not going to throw my weight behind anybody.

Working with Peta all season
I think my favorite thing about Peta was the level of competitiveness that she had. I was surprised to be matched with a partner that was as competitive as I was. I think the competitiveness drove us to do as well as we did and it’s fantastic to have a partner you become that good of friends with as well. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, I’m sure other people have become good friends with their partners, but Peta and I have something pretty special.

For the send-off package, they probably asked her that question for about two hours before they got that sound bite! You know, I’m not counting [dating Peta after the show] out. She’s an amazing girl and the biggest reason we haven’t blatantly said one way or the other is that I’m a private person and she is becoming more of a private person. We’ve given a lot of our personal lives to the audience and to our fans and there’s certain things you need to keep to yourself. My relationships throughout my life are one of the things I’m going to keep private from the world. It has nothing to do with hiding it from fans or being embarrassed or not being proud, I just need to retain a little bit of privacy for my life. She’s fantastic, we may date, we may not, I don’t even have a definitive answer for you now, but I think it’s fair to ask that we keep that stuff to ourselves.

You can read the rest of James’ blog over on Parade.com!

Let’s get right to business: Part 1 of the Dancing With the Stars finale was everything we wanted and more—dramatic, nail-biting, and spectacularly spectacular. The only thing missing? Maks and Meryl actually kissing. Of course, the evening was emotional, especially for the eliminated couple, James and Peta, who made it so far, but yet not far enough. There was plenty you guys didn’t see behind the scenes (after all, it’s a bustle of activity over these two nights!), including my pre-show run-in with Maks!

Going into tonight, I pretty much expected James or Candace to be going home, as my fellow colleagues and I have predicted Meryl/Maks and Amy/Derek to be the final two standing. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of James and Peta’s freestyle. It was high-energy, but I feel like we’ve seen it before. But it’s clear the two of them loved it. As a result, that made the elimination even harder, especially because they are the superior dance team.

Glamour: I know not to be shocked with this show anymore, but you guys deserved to be standing with Maks/Meryl and Amy/Derek tomorrow night. How genuinely surprised were you to be going home tonight?
James Maslow:
This season has almost been annoying at how shocking it’s been. Especially the last few weeks, everybody is going, ‘what?!’ and that was us tonight. I’m proud that was us because that means people [are] saying, ‘why? They’ve been working their asses off!’ That’s what we’ve done, and after that, we can’t control any of it. Yeah, we’re disappointed. We’re really competitive and wanted to win, and believed we had a shot at winning up until we left. At this point, what can we do?

Glamour: I’ll tell you what, you guys are winners for at least being the first to kiss on the ballroom floor tonight. Maks and Meryl needed to take a cue from you two!
We went all in! [Laughs] You know, I don’t think everybody is as comfortable [with that]. We have a special relationship and we’re both cool with it. We’re single and friends with each other and like each other, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t. Now, if one of us had a significant other, then that would be a different story.

Glamour: Does Meryl have a boyfriend then?
I don’t know. But if she does, she shouldn’t even be getting that close [to Maks]! [Laughs] I mean, if I was her boyfriend, that would be a little close for me! But hey, we’re single so we can do what we want!

Glamour: Well, you will be dancing tomorrow again. What are you going to be dancing to?
We don’t know. [Laughs] It’s going to be the sloppiest dance you’ve ever seen! I’m just being honest right now!


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