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Written by Angela

Apr 24, 2014
Written by Angela

Apr 24, 2014
Written by Angela

I’ve added 6 high quality photos of James alongside his Dancing With the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd at Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks Party in to the gallery. James is looking handsomw as always so be sure to check them out!

Gallery Link:
04.22.14 – Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks Party

Apr 24, 2014
Written by Angela

Getting a 35 out of 40 on our quickstep
I was very pleased with our quickstep, and if you haven’t had a chance to vote, you have until 8 p.m. ET tonight to cast your votes at ABC.com & Facebook. It was really difficult for me to get it, and not only did I get it, but I think we performed it really well. Rehearsals were more frustrating than they normally are because instead of just getting the moves, having fun, and goofing off like we usually do, we spent a lot of the time going over the same thing. The style of dance wasn’t something that just naturally resonated with my body, and figuring that out alone took several days. It just limited our time.

I think the judges were a little harsh this week. I would never want to say I deserved something more than I got because they’re the professionals, but the one thing that even I noticed was they commented about having bent knees. I talked to Peta about this and she specifically told me to have bent knees and it’s not her fault—the quickstep has bent knees. So we were focused on body contact and they didn’t say anything about that, so it’s a win in my book. Of course, there was more pressure on us this week after getting a perfect score last week, and frankly, I worked my butt off on our quickstep last night. It’s a great dance, and it’s got to have drama and a certain effect, but it’s OK because it gives me more room to grow for the rest of the competition.

The competition is getting stiff
I was pretty sad to see Drew [Carey] go. I’ve enjoyed having Drew around. He’s such a positive guy, he’s got a great energy, and thankfully, he and I have had some really cool conversations. I’ve enjoyed having him around and he better show up to my wrap party because I’m probably going to throw a party for the cast. I think Drew and I are going to stay friends, and we both ride motorcylces, so hopefully we will be able to ride together soon.

Stress is definitely building throughout the competition. Everybody’s nice, but at the same time, everybody wants to win. We’re getting longer and more difficult songs and dances. It’s inevitable that stress is going to build. It’s crazy, especially since there are only two dudes left [myself and Charlie White]. I looked around during the elimination and we’re almost at half the group we started with, so it’s sad. The competition is fun, but it’s sad to see people you like get eliminated.

Looking forward to Latin night and performing two dances
Salsa was fun, so hopefully we can make this team dance more of that vibe. We have samba next week. I’m hoping that I get it! I might be filming something as well, so I’m really juggling a lot of balls these days. Dancing With the Stars is my priority, but if the scheduling works — then that would be fun!

You can read the rest of James’ blog over on Parade.com!

Apr 22, 2014
Written by Angela

Big Time Rush star James Maslow welcomed Parade to his Dancing With the Stars rehearsal in Los Angeles where he gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like competing on the hit competition show, his friendship with partner Peta Murgatroyd, an update on BTR, and more!

Walk us through your weekly DWTS schedule.
“We’ll get our style usually after the show on Monday, so they’ll say ‘Hey, you’re doing jazz.’ Peta gets the song at 1 a.m. in the morning and starts choreographing, so her job is tough, because she has to come in with some ideas on Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we’re trying to figure out what the choreography is. And then we have Friday and Saturday to perfect it and make it better, and then Sunday you run it with camera blocking, and then Monday is the show. It’s actually very quick; you only have three or four days to learn a brand new dance!”

What’s your process like for learning new routines?
“I try to get through all the big chunks as quickly as possible. I’d rather have a really sloppy dance that I kind of get from A to Z…and then go back and refine it. Peta’s really cool and we get each other well, so if something just doesn’t work well with my body, we kind of change it.”

Do you and Peta have a ritual before you perform every Monday?
“The only thing we really do right before we go on stage, is say ‘have fun.’ As a performer, one of the things I’ve learned from being on stage and being in front of cameras is when you have fun, the audience has fun. So I think we both try to take that same ideal into our dance.”

You and Peta have such great chemistry. Do you two hang out outside of rehearsals?
“I’m lucky because we get along very well as friends too. Once we have a routine down and we finish our work, we’ll go out and get a bite to eat. We have some mutual friends we hang out with — but we have to separate it, when we’re hanging out we aren’t talking about work. And when we come in and dance, that’s what we do.”

If you had to give Peta and yourself superlatives, like Class Clown or Biggest Flirt, what would they be?
“It’d probably be ‘Most Likely to be Distracted,’ because as much as we do focus and work, we do have so much fun together and we’ll get on a tangent about something else and before you know it, we’ve wasted two hours of rehearsal!

You can check out the rest of Parade’s interview with James HERE.

Apr 21, 2014
Written by Angela

Don’t know the name James Maslow?

Grab some back issues of Seventeen magazine or head over to TeenVogue.com. The singer/actor played James Diamond on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush TV show from 2009-2013 and is part of the boy band with the same name.

Maslow’s hoping now to waltz —- or maybe salsa and rumba — his way into a career that involves music, film and television on a bigger scale. The Nickelodeon show is over and the BTR guys just finished a big tour. In fact, the day Maslow, 23, came home to Los Angeles from the tour was his first day working on season 18 of Dancing With the Stars.

And this week, during Monday’s Disney Night episode, Maslow and partner Peta Murgatroyd, 27, earned the first perfect scores of the season — a 10 from each of the four judges.

The scores mean Maslow beat out ice dancing Olympians Meryl Davis and Charlie White. That’s no small feat.

“We were nervous going into that one, to be honest,” says Maslow, speaking to USA TODAY right after an early morning workout at the gym.

It wasn’t that he was worried about the contemporary style. He’s “much more comfortable” with that type of dance than with the ballroom ones, he says, but a move he did had never been attempted by a celeb competitor on the show.

“The last lift where I pick her up with one hand hadn’t been done before,” he says.”We pulled it off,” he says, with a proud sigh of relief.

Much has been made on the show of Maslow’s muscles. The buzz started during week two when he danced with his shirt open, prompting judge Carrie Ann Inaba to deem him a member of the Dancing Sexy Hall of Fame.

“I don’t plan on utilizing it as a cheap way to win,” he says. “I have to point out in my defense, when I got a perfect score I was wearing a frickin’ Henley and PJ bottoms.”

But he does work hard to stay in shape.

“I’m 6’1” — I lift weights so I don’t look scrawny. I get my cardio in as well, but I can’t stand the treadmill, so it’s through basketball or running on the beach,” he says.

Apr 18, 2014
Written by Angela

Apr 17, 2014
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